Welcome to the future website of Chained Dog Rehabilitation & Rehoming NZ!

Chained Dog Rehabilitation & Rehoming are a registered charity (CC54833) that work with owners of life chained dogs to help improve their lives, and provide the tools so they can become responsible dog owners. We also rehabilitate and rehome and dogs relinquished into our care.

Our mission;

- To help empower dog owners by providing them with the tools necessary that will remove the need for dogs to be life-chained. 
- To act with integrity, and work alongside any other organisations as needed, to provide a unified response to reach this result. 
- To provide rehabilitative care to any dogs relinquished so they may live a happy and fulfilling life. 
- To advocate for law change in all aspects of animal welfare.

If you have a specific enquiry, you can email:

Reporting a chained dog: report@chaineddog.org.nz

Adoption: Adoptions@chaineddog.org.nz

Foster: Foster@chaineddog.org.nz

Volunteering: volunteer@chaineddog.org.nz

Donations/Fundraising ideas: Fundraising@chaineddog.org.nz

Anything else: info@chaineddog.org.nz


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chaineddogrehabnz/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chaineddogrehabnz/


Bank Account Details for Donations;

Account Number: 03-1556-0180187-000
Account Name: Chained Dog Rehabilitation & Rehoming



'No one can do everything, but everyone can do something'